Sample Results


This colour coordination increases apparent body weight. Classification: Business Casual, Casual.

Colour: Above and Below Waist for Sample

The colours you choose to wear will have an immediate physiological, emotional and psychological impact. This section recommends what value (depth) of colour to wear on your top half based on your physical characteristics. In addition we recommend that a colour analysis with a professional image consultant is also an excellent investment as wearing colours that suit your colouring will make you appear healthier, energetic and youthful.

Colour: Above and Below Waist

Light colours attract attention more so than darker colours, so consider where you are placing colours on your body, and their intensity. Professionally you want to keep the attention up near your face so darker bottoms and lighter tops will work for you. The reverse works well socially and balanced colour combinations, are great for when you want to blend into the background. Consider medium intensity, low contrast combinations your go-to source, when you do not want to be noticed.